Just another wannabe author…

A New Adventure

So, away I go on a new adventure into the wide world of writing.


I like writing, I like reading, I like words.  It’s time to give it a go as a writer.  I’m really putting the effort in this time, progress meters and all.  I have an idea, I have words, now it’s just getting it all out of my head and putting it in black and white.


Easy, right?


Wrong.  Writing is hard work.  I go to sleep thinking about my story… I wake up grumpy from dreams of it.  It’s all there swirling around like the darkest madness and all I have is a butterfly net made of letters to get it out.  Sometimes that butterfly net fails me.


I’ve had stories before, but I’ve never gotten them fully dumped from the cesspool I call my mind into a format that people could actually read and follow.  I’m giving it a shot, wish me luck.


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