Just another wannabe author…

Writing to be Writing

Ever get a thought just rolling around in your head like a marble in one of those maze games?  You can’t get that thought to stop wahtever it’s doing and you can’t get rid of it?

I do.  I have that feeling right now.  Sometimes, I just need to write something.  It has nothing to do with my WIP.  It’s not even a story.  It’s just thoughts.

For me, the best way to get rid of those is to write about them.  If I don’t, they invade my dreams, keep me from falling asleep and keep me from writing something productive.

I tried to channel it into a blog about my son, but that involved having pictures for every post, and I’m not good at having the right picture for my post.  Some posts just don’t need pictures, they just need to be written.  So now I’m writing.

I’m going to channel all that randomness into something bigger.  First, I need to get it all out of my head where I can look at it instead of just think about it.  You see, this is a better media for me, since my son keeps stealing my notebooks, ripping pages out and coloring all over my hard work.   Little of it will be interesting, less of it will be meaningful, but it will be here, in black and white, so that I can look at it again and again and again until it means something, at least to me.

Watch me shake my head to make the marbles fall out, watch me vomit up all over the page (metaphorically, of course), watch me turn all my random thoughts into something cohesive… at least this is the hope.  I hope to share a little, learn alot, and most importantly, finish something big.


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