Just another wannabe author…

Bad Little Writer

So, you might have noticed, I have been a bad little writer.  I have not been keeping up with my daily word goals.  I have no excuse, not really.  I’ve been tired and easily distracted.  I’m working on that.  Every day, I need to work on it, just like I need to work on actually cooking dinner.

Everything distracts me.  I felt the need to paint my toenails before buckling down and writing even this.  There is only one word for that.  Procrastination.

Yup, I am the queen of it.  It is my kingdom.  I am a benevolent leader.

I’m working on it.  I really am.  So stop distracting me.  Oh look!  A shiny!  No… wait… I’m writing!  I have my music on, I have a drink.  I’m good.  Except for those pesky messengers.  What I need is a computer that isn’t hooked to the internet… yeah… that’s it.    Aww hell.

I’m writing!


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