Just another wannabe author…

It feels good

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I met my word goals.  I admit, it felt really good.  A daily goal met, one step closer to the REAL action.

So far, I’m fairly happy with how the story is shaping up, though it bares little resemblance to my initial plan.  I somewhat scrapped that story line, since it was boring.  Couldn’t even keep my attention and I was the one imagining it.

Sadly, right this moment, I’m totally geared to write… and I can’t.  My toddler is having one of THOSE days, which means no music for mommy and trouble as soon as I start doing something I don’t want interrupted.  Take this post, for example… as soon as I started, guess what was happening in the bathroom?  Yes, everything in toddler reach was magically finding its way into the toilet.  That meant mommy fishing it all out again.  Did this happen once?  No, twice, since mommy wasn’t smart enough to close the lid the first time.  Each fishing expedition followed by a royal fit.  I ruined HIS good time by closing the bathroom back up.

So, despite the fact that the weather is perfect, my ideas are percolating, and I’m ready to write, it wont happen.  Not till later.  Maybe he will take a nap and I can do some work then.  I don’t keep my hopes high on that fact.


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