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NaNo is creeping up!

So, NaNoWriMo is creeping up on me.

I hardly noticed it nipping at my heels.  Things have been percolating in the back of my head.  Ideas running rampant and then hiding from me before I have time to grab a pen, nasty little things.

Now… now there is only SIX days left!  I have my idea, sort of.  I do not, however, have an outline.  I have not finished my current WIP.    So, yeah, I’m freaking just a tiny little bit.

Shannon Mackay (my bestest writing buddy and the one who is trying to keep me on track) and I did the math last night.  If we write just a measly 1666.7 words per day, we will meet our 50,000 word goal in 30 days.  She has to write a bit more, since she needs to take a few days off for Thanksgiving.  I have the full 30 days.

So, my daily word goal for the month of November is officially 2,000.  Just 2,000 words every single day.  That’s about two hours every day.  For 30 days.

I can do it!

But first, I need a damn outline!


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