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Writer’s best friend

So, my bud, Shannon Mackay, introduced me to my new best friend.

No, it’s not a person.  It’s a computer program.  It’s a glorified word processor.  It’s fantastic.

I love OpenOffice, I really do, however, working on my current crap as a single document just isn’t useful.  Breaking it up into chapters, just doesn’t make it better either.  It’s fine, perfectly perfect, for short story work.  When you get up to fifty thousand words, it becomes pure insanity trying to find something.  I needed a change.

Shannon introduced me to Scrivener.  It is like porn.  Ok, not really.  It is, like I said, a glorified word processor.  However, it’s built for writers working on long works.  It has wonderful features like a cork board and outline views.  However, you can read about those on their website.  They can tell you about them much better than I could hope to, since I just discovered this magical work of coding.

So, what did I do today?  I transferred over my current work of crap, all fifty thousand words of it.  Did I write anything new?  No, of course not.  Instead I cracked out on dividing it up perfectly, filling in the little chapter and section synopses, and respellchecking everything.  Because procrastination is what I’m good at.

Transferring over a work in progress is FABULOUS procrastination.  It is wonderful because you still feel like you are accomplishing something.  You work all day, feel accomplished, when, in reality, you have done no work at all.

I did do a bit of prep work for NaNoWriMo, at least.  I prepped my Scrivener file (which they have a special trial of the program for, they are sponsors after all) and even put in a few notes for the outline.  Scrivener is also giving all NaNoWriMo participants 20% off their program, and those who win the challenge get 50%.  I’m totally snagging it, and totally getting that 50% off!  Yay incentive!

This is what procrastination looks like, Scrivener style.


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