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NaNo update

I have been a good girl.  Look!

My NaNo stats!

Can you believe it? I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I have met my goal, exceeding the necessary, every day, without fail. I am not burning out. The story is flowing easily, knock on wood.  I am so proud of myself!

I found a tool that helps me when I am having trouble getting started with my writing.  Sometimes I just need a little kick in the pants.  That is where Word Wars come into play.  They aren’t nearly as exciting as they sound.  No one is flinging words or using them as a double edged sword of doom.  In fact, that is no doom invovled.

A Word War is a friendly competition where everyone is a winner, because everyone gets that much closer to the finish line.  Two or more writers decide on a start and finish time, then they write.  And write.  And write.  When the time ends, they compare their word count for the session.

See?  No excitement here.  It is a community thing though.  You and everyone else writing all at once.  Other writers sharing their rough crap.  There is no sense of competition, at least for me.  There is a great sense of community though.  It’s kind of like having a workout partner.

It works for me where other forms of timed writing just don’t.  I guess it’s having others in the same boat as I am.

So, keep on NaNoing!


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