Just another wannabe author…

Yeah, my brain resembles mush.  Actually, it’s more like tiramisu that has been stirred.  Coffee and cream and lumpy bits that might be thoughts.  Yeah, that about sums it up.

*points to the progress bar* I am making excellent headway.  I am still in love with my plot, excited by my characters, and everything is moving forward swimmingly.

I admit to a deep dark love of the “NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul” forum, though.  It goads me onward to read about all the novelists in despair.  Some of them are problems I can sympathize with, some I completely don’t understand and just want to shout “Put words on the page, you idiot!”  Either way, I put a good, helpful answer and feel better that I am NOT in distress.  It is a guilty pleasure, but at least I’m sort of helping people.

I have also learned that having a writing buddy, just like having a work out buddy, is a great way to keep motivated.  It makes you accountable to someone who is in the same boat as you are.  Telling my roommate or my mom just doesn’t create the same level of accountability, for me.  They are not writers.  Those people on skype/facebook/writechat.net… THEY understand, because they have been there.  They are right there with me slogging through the mire that is NaNo.

I have not, yet, had a day where I wished to give up.  I have had no desire to scrap my plot or start over.  I have, briefly, regretted doing this story instead of one of the plot bunnies running rampant through my head, but now I am glad to have done it.  It is not my ideal genre, but I’m enjoying it.

Overall, so far, I can say NaNo has been an excellent experience and I look forward to next year.  Will I feel that way by the end?  I don’t know, ask me on December first.


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