Just another wannabe author…


I feel just a touch guilty.  I’ve been taking a few days off from writing.  I shouldn’t, but I am.

There is reason for my procrastination, truly.  Other than being lazy and being social.  I need to get over the burnout, and writing/working on writing wasn’t helping.  I don’t know what caused it or if it’s just the reaction to coming down off an adrenaline high.

No matter what caused it, it has been getting in my way.

I am taking a few days to do other things, then I will get back to it.  Saturday, I went to the TGIO party for the DFW region.  It was really nice to meet other writers and just be able to chat and let my child run wild.  Other writers understand.  It would have been nice for more people to show up, but the small group let us actually meet and chat.  It was nice.

I have also been using my time to refuel my creativity.  I have been doing the things that entertain me rather than letting stress eat at my soul.

That’s not to say I’ve set aside my writing.  It’s been rolling around in the back of my head, coming together in ways it can’t while I’m working on it.  Although it’s given me a rather ugly revelation.  I need to cut a character, or, more specifically, I need to combine two characters.  Individually they are not as important as they should be, though they each have a purpose.  Ah, decisions, decisions.

What do you do to refuel your creativity?


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