Just another wannabe author…

Or maybe I just shouldn’t be left alone with a paint program and nothing but my laptop’s touch pad to draw with.

My pictorial representation of my writing space.

This is my writing habitat for this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo.  It is on my downstairs couch.  I have no coffee table.  No side table.  It’s just a giant freaking couch.  I slump in the middle, with my laptop on my lap.  Everything I could possibly need is precariously balanced on the cushion beside me.  Through the course of the day, things will get dumped.  My back will ache.  My wrists will complain.

The above is a truly terrible way to write.

That is why I’ve decided that if I… I mean, WHEN I finish my manuscript at the end of June, I will make/buy myself a standing desk.  I will buy myself a nice tv that I can connect my computers to and use as a monitor.  It will be awesome.  I even know where it will go.

My pictorial representation of what I would like my writing habitat to look like

It seems that stand-up desks are the way to go.  They encourage movement and discourage sloth, which helps to keep one from gaining weight.  Don’t want to be a couch potato just because I’m nutty enough to want to be a writer.

A stool works find to rest on if your feet get tired…. I forgot to add a stool into my fabulous representation.

You know, I think a picture is not always worth a thousand words.  I think the illustrated blogs are best left to someone who isn’t using a touch pad to draw with… or maybe not, this is seriously entertaining ME at least.


Comments on: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" (4)

  1. Wow, with the exception of the cigarette butts you’re current writing habitat bears a striking resemblance to mine.

    • Shira Windschitl said:

      I keep trying to get rid of those damn thing… Note, they are not in my dream habitat

  2. I love the pictures, haha! And I’m totally with you. I do way too much writing on my couch because my husband is usually doing something at the desk, and the kitchen table is too cluttered. But when I’m feeling well and going for “serious revision time” I ditch the laptop and do it by hand, with my kindle, at a TV tray by the window, sitting on a big exercise ball. I miss my writing spot in college–a big table and chair in a beautiful secluded, shady courtyard.

    • Shira Windschitl said:

      I miss being able to go spend entire afternoons lounging at a coffee shop… Oh, those were the days.

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