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Six Sentence Sunday

I keep seeing Six Sentence Sunday on blogs I read… and I want in.  So, I’m going to post six sentences from something I’m working on.  Probably my Camp WIP for the next few weeks.  Enjoy!

“Ari, I need new paintings.” She always wanted new paintings. I’d tried to tell her I didn’t want to paint, but she had ignored me. Or maybe she just didn’t care about me other tha what money I brought her. That was unfair, I knew she cared. She just didn’t understand why I was so deep in a slump that I didn’t even want to paint.

Of course I made a picture!

-From “Go, Little Novelist, Go” rewrite


Comments on: "Six Sentence Sunday" (3)

  1. This is interesting. I’ve not heard of Six Sentence Sunday. Will have to check it out!

    • Shira Windschitl said:

      I shamelessly co-opted it from several other writers whose blogs I read. I love it and decided I have plenty of writing to join in the mayhem. I also plan to start with Wordless Wednesdays… since… apparently people like badly drawn pictures ❤

  2. Yeah, I need to do this.

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