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Ah, procrastination, you are my best friend.  You let me put off what I should be doing.  You are always entertaining, even when you are dumb as a pet rock.  I can spend hours with you on end and it is never enough.  I am addicted to your wondrous embrace, the honey sweet feel of rest in your arms for all eternity.


Yeah, I got nothing.

Which I’m doing right now.

Which I’ve been doing all week.

I should have been preparing for Camp.  And yet… Oh!  A shiny!

My current favorite procrastination techniques are as follows:

1. Cleaning –  Yes, it needs to be done.  Yes, it is a good thing I’m doing it.  Does it need to all be done right this minute?  No, not so much.

2. Decluttering – see number 1.

3. Making a quilt from t-shirts that are from number 2 – Sure, a t-shirt quilt is awesome.  It’s a great way to preserve the memory of all those nasty ass t-shirts I’ve had filling my drawers.  Why am I starting it a week before Camp?  Because I am awesome.  (On a side note, it would have been smarter to make all the squares a uniform size, but that would have been TOO EASY.)

4. Regretsy.com – When DIY meets WTF.  Go look, it’s awesome and full of snark!  (I have also been trolling oh so many other blogs, far too many to name.  Seriously, it’s my new hobby.)

5. Mowing the lawn – This one really DID need to be done.  Which means it shouldn’t be in this list.

6. THIS BLOG – That is all.


It could almost pass for a person! It can!

7. Teaching someone to draw via skype – This is just a bad idea all around.  You end up with things like this


Image courtesy of my Skype buddy, Ethan, our token penis.

And it didn’t help him either.

8. Coming up with a myriad of craft and home improvement things I want to do – Some of them would be seriously cool, like actually putting in some kind of floor cover or making a frame wall.  Some of them are seriously not cool, like trying to find things to spray paint.

Yeah.  I think I need help.


Comments on: "Thy Name is Procrastination" (1)

  1. Hey hey hey hey hey…that is a beautiful drawing.

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