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My NaNo Progress

Last night I hit 42,000 words.  In eight days.

My brain is a little… fried.

I’ve realized I am addicted to ellipses.  I use them constantly in dialogue.

I hate dialogue.

I want there to be sex in my book.  Really epic sex.  The tension is killing me.

I want my toddler to start going to bed early so I have time to write without distraction.

I need to stop drinking so much coffee.

I love my characters.  They’ve grown so much and become to real it constantly amazes me.

I am addicted to the feeling of being on a roll.  The words just fall from my fingertips in lines of black and white text that is thrilling.  Like jumping out of an airplane, minus the whole danger thing.

I am easily distracted, but when I get going, it’s like a train.  The wrecks are just as bad.

I write the best in the morning, after my first cup of coffee, but before I eat.  It’s also the hardest time to get started.

I will need to do more reworking of my second novel, the first has changed out of all recognition, but it’s oh so much better.  Something I can truly be proud of.

I find writing two thousand words per day to be easy.

I forget about my blog, even when I need a distraction.

I need a nap.


Comments on: "My NaNo Progress" (4)

  1. Keep on trucking, you’re almost there! And if you feel the book needs an epic sex scene, just write it and get it out of the way. You can always insert it into the appropriate part of the book once you’ve written that far 🙂

    • Shira Windschitl said:

      Oh, I just did write it! It’s in a perfectly appropriate place… it just changes a lot that goes on in the next book!

  2. Holy cow! I’m in awe of your word count. I’m running so far behind right now. Good luck and happy writing.

    • Shira Windschitl said:

      Thanks! Honestly, I found my ideal technique is writing in short sprints rather than trying to set aside a whole block of time. It also keeps me from driving myself batty when there is a section that’s hard to get through. I know I only have to work on it for 15 minutes at a time.

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