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Six Sentence Sunday

From Go, Little Novelist, Go (working title)

It had to be dangerous to be moving so fast over the broken and uneven ground, but I no longer cared. This was true freedom. No one telling me what to do, who to be. No memories to worry about, just the passage of the wild land around me and my muscles working as they were meant to. We startled deer into paniced stampedes, sent flocks of birds into frantic flight, and rabbits into sprints to safety. Each of those instances made me want to give chase, but Erik kept me moving forward, herding me away from the prey.



Comments on: "Six Sentence Sunday" (2)

  1. I really like the sense of freedom and passion you captured with this snippet. The only thing that gave me pause was the first sentence, which feels a little off, like the words aren’t in quite the right order. Very nice six!

    • Shira Windschitl said:

      All I can say is “first draft!” When I’m pulling from edited pieces, I promise they will flow better. *makes a mental reminder to always say if something is from a first draft or edited WIP*

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