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I gave myself a writing challenge this month.  To write slowly.  Specifically, I am allowed to write the bare minimum to finish 50,000 words by the end of August.  That is 1613 words per day.  I fudge a little bit just to keep from stopping in the middle of a sentence or paragraph.

Today is day Six, both of Camp NaNo and of my own personal challenge.

Today I began contemplating ways to cheat my own system.

Somehow, I am not sure I will make it to the end of the month writing so slowly.

Today, as I reached the end of my arbitrarily designated allowed number of words, I was on my game, in the zone and truly on the ball despite the fact I feel in no way sexy.  The writing was flowing, it was beautiful, complete with the high that lets me churn out huge word counts without breaking a sweat.  I wasn’t aware of the heat, or the bad songs that creep up on Pandora.  I was unbothered by having Toddler sitting on me watching Pocoyo in various languages other than English.  In short, I hit my stride.

Stopping myself was nearly a painful experience.

As I posted that section, complained to my writer’s group and skipped said bad song, I began having a conversation with myself on how to cheat my very own system.  It went something like this:

“You could keep writing today, not post the number, and then take a break tomorrow.”

“No, that would be cheating!”

“But it feels so good!”

“It’s still cheating!  Cheating myself, no less!”

“How about you just adjust your daily goal.  You know, till your brain shorts out each day, like usual.”

“That’s cheating too!  1613 words!”

“But it feels good!”

*whines* “But it will screw up my pretty graph!  Think of the graph!”

It’s still going on in the back of my head, even while I write out this blog post.  One of these days, the shifty eyed part of me is going to win.  I will cheat my own system, or, more likely, throw it out the window while cackling like the Wicked Witch.  Definitely cackling.

Gratuitous picture from a year ago of me and Toddler. Enjoy.


Comments on: "On Cheating and a Gratuitous Baby Picture" (6)

  1. I’d say don’t write for a few days but that might destroy the pretty graph. I was determined to write every day for my pretty graph but screwed that up quick, lol. Good luck. I guess you could hand write and type it later? But I guess that’s also cheating huh?

    • Shira Windschitl said:

      Handwriting doesn’t work at this point in my life. Maybe next time that will be my challenge. Hand write 50,000 words!

      • As my son gets older I’ve found handwriting helps because then he doesnt’ feel abandoned for the computer. lol. But my ideas flow a lot better on the screen so it’s usually a good place for me to start and then I jump off on it more as I work.

      • Shira Windschitl said:

        My son sees me writing and wants in on the coloring lol He mostly self entertains while I’m writing on the computer.

      • Mine was great at that for a while. He’s best at it in the morning and plays with cars, then in the afternoon he wants a lot of hugs and cuddles and attention through the evening.

      • Shira Windschitl said:

        My kiddo sits on me and watches cartoons on my phone or spends time jumping on my bed listening to music lol

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