Just another wannabe author…

Nesting and Other Stuff

Some days everything just piles up.  Like snow in summer.

Or not.

Lately, I’ve been nesting.  Cleaning like a fiend and making Halloween costumes for the child and myself.  We shall be trick or treating.  The actual knocking on the neighbor’s door kind.  Of course, I will be right there with him.  I find it more than a little depressing that Halloween has become so dangerous that trick or treating is frowned upon by many.

I’ve also been working on the planning stages of a collaboration.  We’ve hit snags here and there, but overall, it’s been going rather well.  It’s hard to tell, but we have the basics hammered out.  The writing part is sort of daunting… and it will involve a great deal of editing as we go.  Discipline!

Before we get there, though, I need to finish the tooth costume and get the house clean clean clean.  That way I have less to worry about while I’m writing and can focus.  Focus… yeah… right.  I have an almost 3 year old in the house!



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