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Election Day!

November has come.

For months, we have been bombarded with campaign ads, mud slinging, dirt digging, and false promises.  With the popularity of social media on the rise, the political race has gone viral, explosive blog posts, both real and imagined, pepper facebook walls and flood twitter.

For weeks, we’ve been assaulted with just why we should vote.  Not who to vote for, just to vote.  They want you to believe that your vote matters.  And it does.  Just not how they say it will.  All those little local things, yeah, each and every vote counts.  For the big important stuff?  Well, that’s more controversial than I want to get on this blog.

Today it all comes to a close in the good ol’ US of A.

Today is election day.  Today we find out if equal rights really is a right or a privilege of the Christian right.  We pick a president based on which we think will screw up less over the next four years.  Laws are passed or denied, based on the fickle whims of the public masses who mostly have little understanding just what they are voting for anyway.

And it can’t come soon enough for me.

In honor of that, I’m going to sit on my couch, watch for the election coverage and get my NaNo on.

You see, November is also National Novel Writing Month.

Every year, thousands of writers around the world have their own race.  It’s not political.  It’s not world changing.  It’s not meaningful for those outside the race.  In fact, most people think these special writers are absolutely batshit crazy.

We are racing towards the same goal.  50,000 words in 30 days.  That breaks down to 1667 words a day.  Every day.

During past years, an average of approximately 14%, give or take a bit, of people who post as little as one word count update finish the entire 50,000 words.  Just 14%.  That is pretty damn low, if you ask me.

NaNoWriMo takes a great deal of work.  You need to be disciplined   You need to be diligent.  You need to be willing to commit absolute shit to stark black and white without deleting it.  You need to say no to distractions.  You need to give up things every single day to meet your daily word goals.  You need to set up an IV of caffeine and eat your weight in chocolate.  Muffins are a plus.

It is fun.  It is crazy.  It is a complete roller coaster ride.

Kinda like the elections… only fun.  I guess.  Maybe not.

Are you NaNoing this year?


Fun With Paint and the End of an Era… or Not

I say again, I should not be left alone with a paint program.  Ever.

I draw things… and then, worse, I show them to people.  I post them publicly.  Really bad things.

So you, my lucky ducky readers, get to see my horrendous versions of my main characters.  Yeah, you don’t know how good you have it.  Then I shall open myself to your laughter, because I’m laughing my ass off at myself.

First up we have the wonderful Stu.  He is a white knight in dragon form, prone to rescuing little helpless elves and then seducing them with his bipedal form… which I spared you all from having to see.


Next, I present to you the ever lovely raven haired beauty, Sue.  She is giving and kind and possesses a fiery temper than Stu finds impossible to resist.  A dragoness in the body of a slender elf maiden.  Perfect and feisty and oh so sweet.  And lovely, dammit!


Yeah, yeah, wipe away your tears of mirth.  Paint is an evil program and I can’t resist it.  It’s so…. so… I have no words.

On to more serious matters.

Stop laughing.


So, I made it ten full days of writing the bare minimum.  Then I ran into a snag.

A really big snag.

He weights around forty pounds, has red hair and is obsessed with watching Pocoyo.

Yes.  Toddler.

You see, I am writing an erotica.  With BDSM themes.  It’s supposed to be sexually charged, erotic, and all around sexy.

I have discovered something I’ve known.  It is really hard to feel sexy when you have a toddler jumping on you and screaming in your ear.  It is nearly impossible to think and write a sexy scene when those things happen.  I can’t do it.  I get about five whole minutes, just get into the right mindset, and then he’s climbing on me, demanding attention.  The whole attention needing thing isn’t the problem.  It’s that I can’t write when he’s doing that.

Today I am trying to write an actual sex scene.  Smut.  Really smutty smut.  And I can’t do it.  I can’t focus long enough to get the whole scene out, let alone the word count.  It is frustrating.  So now I will be waiting for his naptime, if it happens, or bedtime.

That means my streak is probably broken.  And even if it isn’t, when I hit my groove, I’m going to keep going out of sheer desperation to take full advantage of sleeping child time.  So, everyone now gets to stare in jealousy at my lovely graph while I bang my head on my keyboard, then go play with kiddo.  Maybe we will go shopping.  Being out in the heat always tires him out.

Day Seven Camp Update

So, I’m insane.  Which means it’s time to post a graph picture.  Yeah, I roll like that.

My graph, it is perfect.  OCD perfect.  I’m going to go bash my head on the keyboard like a monkey now.


On Cheating and a Gratuitous Baby Picture

I gave myself a writing challenge this month.  To write slowly.  Specifically, I am allowed to write the bare minimum to finish 50,000 words by the end of August.  That is 1613 words per day.  I fudge a little bit just to keep from stopping in the middle of a sentence or paragraph.

Today is day Six, both of Camp NaNo and of my own personal challenge.

Today I began contemplating ways to cheat my own system.

Somehow, I am not sure I will make it to the end of the month writing so slowly.

Today, as I reached the end of my arbitrarily designated allowed number of words, I was on my game, in the zone and truly on the ball despite the fact I feel in no way sexy.  The writing was flowing, it was beautiful, complete with the high that lets me churn out huge word counts without breaking a sweat.  I wasn’t aware of the heat, or the bad songs that creep up on Pandora.  I was unbothered by having Toddler sitting on me watching Pocoyo in various languages other than English.  In short, I hit my stride.

Stopping myself was nearly a painful experience.

As I posted that section, complained to my writer’s group and skipped said bad song, I began having a conversation with myself on how to cheat my very own system.  It went something like this:

“You could keep writing today, not post the number, and then take a break tomorrow.”

“No, that would be cheating!”

“But it feels so good!”

“It’s still cheating!  Cheating myself, no less!”

“How about you just adjust your daily goal.  You know, till your brain shorts out each day, like usual.”

“That’s cheating too!  1613 words!”

“But it feels good!”

*whines* “But it will screw up my pretty graph!  Think of the graph!”

It’s still going on in the back of my head, even while I write out this blog post.  One of these days, the shifty eyed part of me is going to win.  I will cheat my own system, or, more likely, throw it out the window while cackling like the Wicked Witch.  Definitely cackling.

Gratuitous picture from a year ago of me and Toddler. Enjoy.

Bringing Sexy Back

So, I’ve been thinking a great deal on writing sexy.

I’ve also been reading a great deal of erotica.  Research, you know.  Not that all erotica is sexy.  Or even good.  But, there IS good erotica out there once you dig through the crap.

But that is not what this post is about.  Not really.

I’ve discovered that Toddler doesn’t want to sleep anymore.  Ever.

It used to be that he would nap and I could crank out a few thousand words and rock with my bad self.  This wonderful situation is now a daydream of epic proportions.

Now my writing goes something like this.

I sit down at my computer and screaming starts from the bedroom where he is jumping on the bed with my cell phone for entertainment.  Not “I fell off and I’m dying” kind of screams, which would have me in there so fast my computer would still be attached to me.  No, this is “this video is not what I want to be jumping to and you aren’t here to watch me jump anyway so I’m gonna shriek in frustration and not use my words because words suck” kind of screaming.  It’s the kind that grates on nerves and never lets you forget that you really just have to sexy anymore.  Because you have a toddler.

Or maybe I sit down to write and he sits next to me playing the Gummy Bear song on full volume for hours on end while leaning on me to make me watch with him.

None of these, or their variations,  are conducive to writing the sexy.

To write sexy, I need to think sexy and it is nearly impossible to think, feel or be sexy when I have Toddler sitting on me or screaming at me.  It makes finding that mindset so much more difficult.

I have no trouble pretending no one will read my smut.  I have no problem letting people read my smut.  I’ve developed an increasing problem writing any sort of sexy scene.

I miss naptime.  I really really miss it with a passion usually reserved for chocolate during pregnancies.  Naptime was me time.  Well, on with the attempt at bringing sexy back for Camp NaNo.

Six Sentence Sunday

From Go, Little Novelist, Go (working title)

It had to be dangerous to be moving so fast over the broken and uneven ground, but I no longer cared. This was true freedom. No one telling me what to do, who to be. No memories to worry about, just the passage of the wild land around me and my muscles working as they were meant to. We startled deer into paniced stampedes, sent flocks of birds into frantic flight, and rabbits into sprints to safety. Each of those instances made me want to give chase, but Erik kept me moving forward, herding me away from the prey.


My NaNo Progress

Last night I hit 42,000 words.  In eight days.

My brain is a little… fried. (more…)

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