Just another wannabe author…

From “Finger Vomit”

“Hello, Erik,” my voice a low purr of satisfaction of a hunt well done.

A soft rumble came from him in answer before he snagged my arm and pulled me back to his office door, unlocking it with one hand and hauling me through with the other. “And what have you been up to, Kitten, that has you looking like you just stepped out of the wild?” His voice was just as husky as mine, though it held a hint of a growl instead of a sensual purr. Not an angry or upset sound, something different that ignited a flutter in the pit of my belly I was hard pressed to ignore.

“Mmm Tracking you down. You owe me some answers, pup.” I truly didn’t know what had gotten into me. I gave a boneless stretch I didn’t even know I was capable of as he hustled me down the narrow hall to a small room at the back, well away from prying eyes, before wrapping his big hands around my waist and drawing me against him.

“Kitten, you are going to get yourself in trouble if you aren’t careful.” His low whisper brushed against my face, his breath smelling of coffee and toothpaste. I took a moment to lean in and savor his scent, the light cologne he wore to blend in with humans and the deeper musk that was pure Erik. “Now stop that,” he objected softly as I felt his reaction to me. That was actually the slap in the face I needed to break out of the strange mood I was in, I stepped back from him, the hardest step I could ever remember taking.

“What’s wrong with me? I just wanted to find you so you could explain some things about shifters…” Erik immediately noted the change in me from feral wild thing to a frightened woman. I was terrified, not understanding my own behavior.


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