Just another wannabe author…

I’ve been busy this week.

Not writing, sadly, though I have gotten some work done.

Nope, I’ve been terribly busy finding new activities to keep Toddler entertained so I CAN work.

This is Toddler. Everyone say “hi.”

Does he look like trouble incarnate yet?  No?  Oh.

Well, he is.  Toddler requires a never ending supply of entertainment and once that is done, bedtime has become a cry fest.  So, not much has gotten done.  Right now he is watching cartoons so I can steal a few moments to wake up, drink my coffee and post this.

Today, I have no witty introspection on how the writer works or how my brain is hard wired.  Nope.  I just have a cup of coffee while I ponder what activity will keep him entertained the longest.

And a list of our favorite activities!

Shaving cream – As an adult, you have no idea how much fun a two year old can have with a can of shaving cream and a big plastic box to play with it in.  Oh, and a convenient sprinkler for clean up.  It keeps him entertained for HOURS.  He has so much fun.

Water beads – These are kind of like squishy jelly beads that are wet.  Water is always a hit with Toddler.  Things I can vacuum up easily are a hit with Mommy.  I think I possibly get more entertainment out of the water beads than Toddler does.

Vinegar and baking soda – This is one we play with indoors.  Once it’s dry, you can vacuum up any messes.  A big bin, some narrow vessels and a LOT of vinegar and baking soda for fun until the vinegar runs out.

Painting – We paint outside.  Painting is a very messy endeavor when you are two and it is very hard to keep the paint on the canvas.  Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds.  I like to find cheapish canvases so that I can hang his glorious artwork on my walls.  I’m awesome like that.  And who needs brushes when hands and feet work so well?

Cars – I have to say, I love HotWheels.  They are $.88 all the time at Wal-Mart.  Who can ask for more and Toddler is a serious car aficionado.

Hello, Mess!

Letters – Toddler is a big fan of letters now, despite the fact he refuses to sing his ABCs with me.  We have wood letters, foam letters, magnetic letters.  And he knows them ALL.  He still wont sing the ABC song.

Ivory soap – Admittedly, I had much more fun with this than he did.  You put a bar of soap in the microwave for two minutes and watch the fun begin.  Then throw it in a nice big box and watch it get thrown all over the play room.  It’s the little things in life.

Coloring – I didn’t know this, but apparently coloring is not for paper.  It is for walls, and carpets, and mommy’s legs, and the letters, and… I could go on and on about what things coloring happens on.  Rarely is it paper.  And whose bright idea was it to use flat paint on the walls?  Flat paint doesn’t scrub well.

Ellie, you will be missed.

Now, I would like to ask for a moment of silence to Ellie.  Ellie was a good phone who died before her time.  She had hours of entertainment inside her, which is now forever silenced.  She will be missed.



Things Gone Strange

You know things have gone strange when you devolve into a discussion on the literary themes of TRON: Legacy.

The conversation starts innocently enough about dystopian versus post apocalyptic themes.  The Road, 2012, The Postman.  And then along came TRON.  There is no end of the world, thus it has been decided, there was no apocalypse.  It is, however, a dystopian.  I don’t even know where to go from there.

Writing groups are strange wondrous things.  You never know what strangeness will come out of them.

A word war ensued to quell the mania.  Life goes on.

TRON: Legacy has been given literary themes.

What are your favorite post apocalyptic or dystopian books or movies?

Six Sentence Sunday

From WIP Go, Little Novelist, Go (working title, rough draft)

I watched with avid attention as he boxed my little kitty up for me, cradling the white cardboard gently against my chest when he handed the box over. “Yes, she is.”

“You said it’s a mountain lion?”

The man looked at me for long enough that I grew uncomfortable under his gaze. “Yes. She is a portrait,” he explained in an odd clipped way.

Words Are Ebil

Yesterday I entered Revisions Hell.

Revisions Hell

It is not really a nice place to be, but maybe I can at least get a tan while I’m visiting.

I discovered, just while doing spell check, that I am a word addict.  Not in the general sense of ‘I’m a writer, I’m addicted to words.’  No, I fall into the ‘I just can’t help myself, I must use this word over and over and over again and misspell it EVERY DAMN TIME.’

I also make words up.  Particularly adverbs, which I should be limiting, not making up more of.

I cannot help myself when it comes to complicated sentences that look like comma confetti.  I cannot tell you just how many sentences I’ve had to pick apart, simply because they are impossible to read.

I have, apparently, left sanity behind at some point.  And the rules of grammar.  (Ok, my grammar isn’t too bad, I’m not often finding things that are glaring mistakes or massive mis-usages.  Which is just wonderful.  I am just prone to gross abuse of those rules.)  And there I go making up words again!

So, here is my little list of words I over use with a glorious disregard to conventions of literature:

Embarrass – FMC (female main character) is always embarrassed and I spell it wrong every single time.

Murmur – None of my characters are very up on diction and enunciation.  Go figure.

Scraggly – This is a particular favorite of mine.  Everyone needs to go get themselves cleaned up, since half my characters are described as being scraggly.

Eyes – I have a distinct obsession with my characters’ eyes and I refuse to use words like ‘orbs,’ and ‘optics’ to replace it.

Though – I have no defense, though I’m having a hard time getting rid of them.

Weird – This is another one I habitually misspell.  And yes, everything is weird.

Guilt – Not remorse, retribution, blame, culpability or any other synonym.  Just guilt.

There are more.  So many more.  I should keep a proper list and share the whole thing.   I have made good friends with a thesaurus to help with this horrible affliction.

Wordless Wednesday

This is Not a Tomato

My toddler is beginning to talk.

He doesn’t use proper words often, but when he does, it’s worth listening to.

Toddler:  “Stuck!”  He holds out my tool box.

Mommy: “These are my toys.  You have lots and lots of toys, I only have a few that you can’t play with.”

Toddler: “Don’t need toys.”   Then he tries to get me to open the tool box for him.

See?  He doesn’t need toys, he just needs tool.  Or my phone.  Or my camera.  Or my laptop.  Or anything else that is mine that I don’t want him to play with.  Easy.

This is not a tomato.

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And not a word written?

I spend far more time on the NaNoWriMo forums than I really should.  I love them.  I love the horror stories and the stories of triumph.  I get drawn into discussions of NaNoisms and the threads all about what Non-NaNoers think about WriMos.  I try to commiserate with the people who didn’t back up their work.  I feel good when I can offer some snippet of advice or assistance or encouragement to some struggling writer. Read the rest of this entry »

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