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Gray Woman

She slipped down thehallway, making no more sound that a ghost. She moved with the confidence of someone who knew just where they were going. A feather light touch to a wall hanging here, dragging her fingers over a door there. Any stray sound made her freeze in her tracks, head cocked as she listened for any who might discover her.


She did, in fact, know just where she was going as she made her way through the dreary gray halls. The soft gray of her well wrapped gray clothing blended into the ancient stone, even her face was wrapped, only the glimmer of her eyes left free of the wool.


She finally stopped at a door no different from the ones she had passed already. Under her mask she smiled. It wasn’t a nice expression. It was dark and ugly. Memories crowded in for a moment before she pushed them away, the strain around her eyes easing. She pulled down her mask before slipping through that doorway.


She closed and locked the door at her back. She hadn’t made a sound until the click of the lock sliding home. The salt and pepper man at the desk mirrored shock in his expression. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”


It was all bluster and she knew it, a sneer pulled at her features as she pushed the head wraps off, exposing her hair. It was cropped short, but the color was evident, radiant red, the color of the setting sun. The ugly expression continued to twist otherwise soft features, making the scar on the sde of her face pull and pucker. “Oh, come now, father. You know who I am.”


The sneer on her face was mirrored by the snide sarcastic tone of her voice. “Though I’m not surprised you don’t recognize me. I’m told I look like my mother.” She stalked across the room, kicking a fold in the carpet flat as she went, smirking softly. She stopped just on the oher side of the desk, leaning both gloved hands on the polished surface. “Your secutiry leaves much to be desired. Not even a challenge.”


The older man’s mouth moved like a fish out of water as his eyes frantically scanned her face, seeking the truth under the ugly words and expression. “You are dead.”


“No, father, you just wish I was. It would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?” Her eface smoothed out, this kind of revenge was just as unsatisfying as she had been told. She could kill him, and none would know she was here. It would be too easy.


“I just wanted you to know. What you do with that information… That is up to your conscience.” She stepped back, giving the man who had made her one last searching look. THen her hair and face were covered, and she disappeared back out the door.


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