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Things Gone Strange

You know things have gone strange when you devolve into a discussion on the literary themes of TRON: Legacy.

The conversation starts innocently enough about dystopian versus post apocalyptic themes.  The Road, 2012, The Postman.  And then along came TRON.  There is no end of the world, thus it has been decided, there was no apocalypse.  It is, however, a dystopian.  I don’t even know where to go from there.

Writing groups are strange wondrous things.  You never know what strangeness will come out of them.

A word war ensued to quell the mania.  Life goes on.

TRON: Legacy has been given literary themes.

What are your favorite post apocalyptic or dystopian books or movies?

Six Sentence Sunday

From Go, Little Novelist, Go (working title)

It had to be dangerous to be moving so fast over the broken and uneven ground, but I no longer cared. This was true freedom. No one telling me what to do, who to be. No memories to worry about, just the passage of the wild land around me and my muscles working as they were meant to. We startled deer into paniced stampedes, sent flocks of birds into frantic flight, and rabbits into sprints to safety. Each of those instances made me want to give chase, but Erik kept me moving forward, herding me away from the prey.


My NaNo Progress

Last night I hit 42,000 words.  In eight days.

My brain is a little… fried. (more…)

Camp NaNoWriMo

So, all has been silent in my blog land.  It is not a lack of love at all.  It is a scramble for word count like the insane freak that I am.  It is nearing the end of day three, and I will be closing it out with twenty thousand words.

Yeah, I roll like that.

I’ve been churning out words in psychotic quantities.  People ask me how I do it. (more…)

Thy Name is Procrastination

Ah, procrastination, you are my best friend.  You let me put off what I should be doing.  You are always entertaining, even when you are dumb as a pet rock.  I can spend hours with you on end and it is never enough.  I am addicted to your wondrous embrace, the honey sweet feel of rest in your arms for all eternity.


Yeah, I got nothing.


Camp NaNoWriMo Survival Guide

Remember in that glorious amber glow of happy childhood memories, packing up to get ready to head off to summer camp?  Bug spray and swim suits, socks and plenty of undies.  A bag of treats you weren’t supposed to be bringing.  Your mom foisting off stationary and pens on you, as if you’d actually have time to write!  A journal that would be as empty when you head home as when you head off.  So many things, all pared down to a duffle bag.

The bunnies followed me to camp…


The Bunnies Are Nesting

Shhhh… Don’t make too much noise, the bunnies will find me.

Awww how cute!

No, I’m not completely insane.  I’m not talking about the fluffy little rabbits who eat gardens.  No, I am talking about something far more insidious.  Evil creatures who pose in the guise of cute and fluffy things you just want to pick up and cuddle, pet, smother with love.  Then you find out what they really are, but by then, it is too late.  They’ve latched their little bunny claws into your brain and started gnawing away at it.  Mmmmm brains. (more…)

Six Sentence Sunday

I keep seeing Six Sentence Sunday on blogs I read… and I want in.  So, I’m going to post six sentences from something I’m working on.  Probably my Camp WIP for the next few weeks.  Enjoy! (more…)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Or maybe I just shouldn’t be left alone with a paint program and nothing but my laptop’s touch pad to draw with.

My pictorial representation of my writing space.



I was planning to do a rewrite for Camp NaNoWriMo… rebel yell and all that jazz.  And now, with slightly more than six days to go…. (more…)

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