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Thirty Days: The End is Bittersweet

Today is November 30th.  November is nearly finished and with it the journey that was NaNoWriMo. (more…)

The Look of Success

Validation has before for WriMos near and far.  Yes, I’m talking NaNoWriMo and the magical change of word count bars everywhere from blue to purple.  It seems like such a small thing, that little color change, but I can tell you, there is a sense of complete and utter satisfaction that comes with that tiny shift of the spectrum. (more…)

To Pants or Not to Pants, That is the Question

I often see posts on some of my favorite authors’ websites on their “writing process.” It’s fascinating how very differently each and everyone one of them does it. Every author follows their own road, but in the end, they all lead to the same goal. A finished manuscript. (more…)

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