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This is Not a Tomato

My toddler is beginning to talk.

He doesn’t use proper words often, but when he does, it’s worth listening to.

Toddler:  “Stuck!”  He holds out my tool box.

Mommy: “These are my toys.  You have lots and lots of toys, I only have a few that you can’t play with.”

Toddler: “Don’t need toys.”   Then he tries to get me to open the tool box for him.

See?  He doesn’t need toys, he just needs tool.  Or my phone.  Or my camera.  Or my laptop.  Or anything else that is mine that I don’t want him to play with.  Easy.

This is not a tomato.


Six Sentence Monday?

So, I forgot yesterday was Sunday.  Here are your sentences.

He didn’t try to disuade me with his words, just let his body tell me how he felt. “Besides, we are in your parents’ living room and they are only in the kitchen.” His voice was teasingly low, thrumming softly against my ear. It was totally dirty war fare. He knew the things that set me off, even if I couldn’t remember him learning them. He gave a low chuckle at my growl, nuzzling at my neck.

From Go, Little Novelist, Go

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